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Quotes about FST

Functional Sports Training from a Pro Athlete’s Point of View

Karin Huttary, two-times Skicross X-Games Winner and first World Skicross Champion:

“I’ve been training twice a day since the age of 16 with the strong goal to perform my best in the right moment. It has paid off with winning X-Games twice and being the very first World Champion in my sport. But I also had a couple of serious   injuries with a broken back, pelvis and a couple of knee injuries during my time as a professional athlete. For the recoveries and with the goal to prevent further injuries I took my training very serious and have learned a lot about the needs of my body during these periods.
As a Skicross athlete body strength, reaction, balance, coordination and mental strength are essential. Functional fitness training was completing my versatile program during all the years.
Now after finishing my career I still have the strong urge to move and do a lot of sports. Functional Sports Training is the perfect kind of training to keep my body in shape and my muscles in balance to be able to do all the fun sports I still want to do. I simply love to do sports, push my limits and love to have fun while I do it.”


Functional Sports Training from Customers’ Point of View

betzyBettina Köffler, snowboarder/surfer:

“I like FST because it is very effective and time efficient. The training is short but intense. Thanks to the variety and choice of the exercises you can set the right focus of your training depending on your sport. The good thing about it is that you can do it everywhere, it’s independent of location and training materials.
The training not only helped me strengthen my whole body but also be reactive and stable as bases for high performance in Snowboarding.
Bibi and Mitch are so enthusiastic, their exersises are tough but a lot of fun…”

gerhardGerhard Bacher, gastronome:

“I’ve gained experience with FST the whole last winter. It was great for my physical performance and also for my mind. It also helped me to gain stability in my ankels, knees, back and shoulders which is also important for me to avoid injuries when doing sports like snowboarding, surfing, soccer, biking, climbing…
The gudeline works great for me and with all the variations in the trainings program it even makes fun…”

simonSimon Vacher, surfer:

“With this program you don’t train just few of your muscles but your whole body reproducing movements you do in your sport. It helped me a lot in surfing because I gained energy, balance and strength. You don’t need much equipment and it makes more sense to train for something you like. It’s for me the fastest way to prepare your season and enjoy the most of your sport. To finish, training with Bibi and Mitch is always a pleasure ;-)”


Functional Sports Training from a Doctor’s Point of View:

Urban Holzmeister, MD:

“Amateur athletes do all kinds of activities, like resistance or endurance training to stay healthy and improve their performances. But most of them are not satisfied with the outcome as they are often unsure what training method is useful for them to really improve. The Functional Sports Training offers everyone the right mix between body strength, dynamic balance and coordination. Of course, professionals will enhance in their skills, but most of all, this training will give anyone the confidence in their daily routine and prevent injuries, no matter what they do or how old they are.

This training is not just developed for professional athletes it is suitable for anyone who wants to keep their body healthy.”