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About us

Bibi Toelderer-Pekarek, Physical therapist, Pro-Snowboarder:

Bibi PortraitI am a physiotherapist, working not only with professional athletes, but also with all kinds of patients from young to old, wanting to be fit again after surgery, an accident or any illness of their musculosketal system. Beside I am a professional freeride snowboarder since years, and was competing in the FWT, participating in film projects, and hiking up beautiful big mountains to enjoy the thrill of powder snow. Having learned both sides helps me a lot to empathize with my clients, because I do not only know the scientific background of how the body works plus have experienced working with athletes and average persons, but I also know from training myself what is important in practice and what helped me and others to bring out the best in sports.

Going through a major knee injury myself, I learned a lot how to deal with a weak and aching body and how to build it up again, which helps me big time to empathize with my clients.


Mitch Toelderer, MD, Freeride Worldtour Champion 2011:

Living in Innsbruck, Austria where he also earned a Medical degree in 2009. Mitch is  Snowboarding since 1987, became a Pro Snowboarder in 2000 and was winning the Freeride Worldtour Champion Title 2011. Over the last decade he was featured in different Snowboard and Freeride movies, latest in Jeremy Jones FURTHER and Warren Millers FLOW STATE.  Beside his passion for outdoor sports, specially snowboarding, surfing, biking and climbing mitch is working as a MD and in training to become a Sports Doctor.


Why do we train?

Mitch Toelderer: The main reason that motivates me to do fitness training  is to be able to do and to keep on doing what I love the most: snowboarding, surfing, biking, climbing, enjoying nature by doing outdoor sports. To be able to keep a ‘fun’  level and even to step it up in any of those sports I need a solid fitness level and furthermore a functional, sport specific fitness that I can really use when doing my sports.  The training also helps me to reduce the risk of injury because even a small injury can really suck!  I strongly believe that functional sports training is the key to stay fit and healthy for more action in the coming years!





_MG_1868-2Bibi Toelderer-Pekarek: First of all I love doing sports. Not only enjoying powder when snowboarding, glassy waves when surfing, nature when hiking in the mountains or running in the woods, short adrenalin kicks when downhill biking or climbing, the feeling of being physically tired in a good way afterwards is also addictive. Training also gets me in that kind of mood. However, my major motivation to do complementary training is to achieve an all-round balanced fitness, which does not only shape my body but allows me to practice my outdoor activities better and longer. After experiencing some injuries I noticed even more how important strong and well coordinated muscles are, not only for diminishing the risk for injuries but also to minimize the possibility for any pain when my body is exposed to high impacts.


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  • Marie-Christine, November 5, 2014 at 2:35 pm


    I am from Canada and getting physically ready for the snowboard season that will start soon. I just tried your fonctionnl training for snowboarding and I found it awesome :-) Short and it works deeply all that we need for snowboard.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this program online. If I was living in Austria I defenitly will go and train with you ;-)