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Hello and welcome to the Functional Sports Training!

You are a member of our FST community now and everything here is ready for you to get right into your functional fitness training!

We have created the FST program with the best components we could find for our interests. We did not invent each component of our training but rather our product, Functional Sports Training is the result of an ongoing search for the best training elements and exercises for functional fitness training. Through our obsession for sports and practicality we make it possible to work out just about anywhere, for any sport.

With this program we bring it all together in a holistic, rounded and easy to use training regimen. We are positive that our methods are suitable for you who is motivated to train. We are poised to: allow you to step up your performance in your sport, get stronger, prevent injuries, lose weight, look better and become your healthiest and fittest!

We want this member site to be an interactive community. That’s how we all can profit from each others concerns and we can always update the product to get the best output for you. You are very welcome to ask any questions about the FST and all the exercises. JustĀ  leave your comment in the comments section under the video where your question appears.

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