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The FST general program for BEGINNERS

Hello from Bibi & Mitch!

bibi-mitch_fitnessportraitWe love sports – especially outdoor and action sports like snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, climbing…

We live for the feeling of a powder turn or dropping into a perfect wave, for the challenges that come through playing with the elements and for the stoke that flashes through your whole body and mind when mastering a challenge. We love the feeling of being right there fully focused in the moment, no more thinking, no hesitating – just reacting to what’s coming up.

We love to progress in our sport … To pave the way for this moments of joy and also to prevent injuries when things go wrong we are preparing through FUNCTIONAL TRAINING.

We created this program to share our knowledge with every motivated sports (wo)man out there….

Our FST GENERAL PROGRAMS have been created with the best components we could find for our interests. We did not invent each component of the training but rather our products are the result of an ongoing search for the best training elements and exercises.

It is all based on “Functional Training”. Functional exercises tend to be multijoint, multimuscle movements, which means they are forcing your whole body to work out, to boost your muscular balance and whole body performance. The focus is on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions. Like that it prepares your body way better for real sports situations and it’s just more fun to work out because functional exercises are challenging themselves.


The FST GENERAL PROGRAM for BEGINNERS offers a 6-week course. We developed an all-inclusive functional training system for everyone who wants to improve his/her fitness and performance.

FST is for athletes of all ages. You can achieve a high level of fitness by following the six-week beginner course. The exercises and circuits have been designed to give you the best overall fitness by challenging all skills needed in sports.

Through the FST GENERAL PROGRAM you will evenly work out every part of your body. The program offers a wide range of functional exercises – so you don’t have to repeat the exact same exercises over and over. During the 6 weeks the exercises will be gradually adapted, as your fitness level will rise.



FST GENERAL PROGRAM will help you to…

  • Improve your athletic level
  • Perform at your best in your sport and your daily life
  • Be ready to charge in your sport
  • Prevent injuries and pain (also back pain!)
  • Integrate newly gained functional movement into your sport, your daily routine
  • Learn new sports/movements easier through challenging your coordinative system
  • Get ripped, healthy and feel good


FST GENERAL PROGRAM is a private membership system, packed with high definition training videos, and PDF downloads. All members get instant access to a fully outlined and very easy to use training program.

You’re invited to participate, ask questions, post comments, download worksheets, written material and more …

This product is 100% online, and videos and downloads are compatible with all browsers and popular operating systems (Windows or Macintosh!)


The FST GENERAL PROGRAM for BEGINNERS is designed for everybody who:

  • is involved in sport but has never done fitness training before
  • hasn’t trained for a while and wants to get back into it
  • wants to start with a basic program of functional training and wants to follow step by step instructions to get ready for the next level

The FST GENERAL PROGRAM for ADVANCED is designed for everybody who:

  • completed the 6-week beginner training program and is ready to step it up
  • is already into fitness training and wants to crash into this functional fitness program
  • already has experience with conditioning training and has a solid all-round fitness base

That means:  As ADVANCED you should be able to:

  • do a minimum of 7 clean basic push ups
  • do well performed squats using weights
  • hold a well performed basic plank position for at least 30 seconds

If you don’t yet fulfill these criteria then start with the beginner program!

If you are still unsure which program is appropriate for you, here is the our video to test your fitness level: 


FST has its origin in rehab. Physiotherapists were creating training exercises to get athletes back on track as soon and as fit as possible.

Basically the concept is to improve the performance in real life/sport situations, through adapting exercises that, as in real life or real sports, work multiple joints and emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in six degrees of freedom, and at the same time triggers the body to stabilize those movements.

In comparison to functional training are exercises people do in different weight training machines that just work on one specific muscle or muscle group with the only gain of muscle building but without any functional use for the athlete. However every movement in real sport and real life needs different muscles chains to work together!

Functional Training exercises mimic real movements and get refined and more effective through adding extra challenges that are mainly working on our coordinative and balance skills. It is key to increase the difficulty of exercises adapted to the athlete’s level to make sure to always work out in a good form!
The result is a functional gain of power and strength we can really use in our sports and in our daily life!

Since several years the elite of all different kind of sports are successfully using this natural concept to improve their performance.

To learn more about Functional Training: http://goprofitnesstraining.com/about-functional-sports-training/


Mitch Tölderer: Living in Innsbruck, Austria, Snowboarding since 1987, winning the Freeride Worldtour Champion Title 2011 featured in many snowboard movies, latest in Jeremy Jones FURTHER and Warren Millers FLOW STATE.  Mitch is also working as a Medical Doctor and in training to become a Sports Doctor.

Bibi Tölderer-Pekarek: Living in Innsbruck, Austria, Snowboarding since 1992, won different international Freeride Contests and her latest movie appearance is also in Jeremy Jones FURTHER film project. Bibi is also a physical therapist with additional diplomas in manual therapy, visceral manipulation and functional movement training, working at her own rehab and training place in Innsbruck LOFT41 (www.loft41.com).