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Advanced Program

Welcome to the 6 weeks advanced program!

Ready to get into the training?

If you just finished the 6-weeks beginner program you already know everything you need! Some of the exercises of the advanced program will be already familiar to you and we are sure you are ready for the new challenges the advanced program will bring!

If some of the exercises are too hard and you cant execute them in a correct form dont hesitate to step it down to the easier variation and give yourselve time to build up your strength and/or skills. Dont worry! You can always step it up again as soon as you are ready for it and in the end it really pays of for your fitness and your health to work out in a good form!

If you are getting right into the advanced program make sure to download the GPFT manual and read the highlighted chapters before starting with week 1.  You will find everything on the get started page.

If you are ready just go to week 1 and  follow the instructions!

Have a good training!