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Check Basic Movements

We recommend you to take a close look at the basic movements. You can watch the videos, then take a look at the exercise descriptions, and then most importantly try them yourself.

It would be ideal to go through them together with a friend. One can watch and correct the other person during the performance. If you haven’t got a buddy to work with, do the exercise in front of a mirror to watch yourself.

As already explained in the manual, a lot of exercises are variations of those basic movements and you always have to consider the same points. That is essential for effective and healthy training!


 The basic movements are the following:

  • Basic squat: It is better to try it first without using any weights. Just concentrate on the correct form.

    Download Basic Squat PDF
  • Squat Lunge: Again, first perform the movement without using any weights with focus on the right form.

    Download Basic Squat Lunge PDF
  • Pushup: Doing a push up in correct form is really hard (and there aren’t a lot of people out there who are able to do a perfect pushup) and it is impossible to concentrate on the form when your arms are too weak to push up your whole body weight. That’s why I recommend to all beginners to do kneeling pushups first. Consider the same points for the kneeling form as the basic push up.

    Download Basic Push up PDF
  • Plank position: Don’t forget to try this. The plank position is the base for many core stabilization exercises and it’s super important that you know what key points to remember whenever an exercise starts with this position. If too hard in the beginning, try the kneeling plank first.

    Download Basic Plank PDF
  •  Free weight workouts: Whenever working with dumbbells or a barbell make sure to keep your core braced at any time to prevent back injuries and to promote good posture. Your torso should move as little as possible but stabilize the movements coming from your upper and lower extremities. To brace your core simply tense your abdominal muscles as you suck your belly slightly in (try to shorten the distance between your pubis bone and your belly bottom and remember to stay “tall” through your torso). Many people may tell that you have to tense your abs as someone was going to punch you in the stomach. Don’t follow this advice because like that you are not able to maintain a normal breathing pattern but you are just increasing your intra-abdominal pressure!

Note: Every body is different and everyone has their weak points. Some exercises or positions will seem easier to you than others. See the harder ones as a challenge to work on to get stronger as a whole. However remember to perform every movement in proper form, which requires your full attention. If you experience pain at any point when performing an exercise, end it, and look for an easier pain free variation or reduce the amount of weights to a lower intensity without any pain. Consider seeking professional medical help if needed for persistent pain.