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To Get Started


To get started please follow this little directory…

1. Download the GPFT manual and read at least all the chapters that are marked as ‘important to read!’  This contains important information that will answer most of your questions and also will give you the idea of the GPFT concept.

2. Beginner or advanced? After reading the GPFT manual you most probably already know if you start with the 6-weeks beginner or 6-weeks advanced program

Underneath, you also find a video to test your fitness level, if you haven’t done this yet. If you are still unsure it’s always better to start with the beginner program and step it up to the advanced program later if the exercises feel too easy. If I am doing the exercises of the beginner program myself and performing them in a ‘perfect’ form, most of them are still challenging to me!

3. Check the basic movements before you start the training and make sure you get the key points of each movement to be able to perform the exercises well and get the best training result possible. Visit the ‘basic movements’ page

4. Check Equipment. In the GPFT manual you will find a list with everything you need from the fist day of your training to the last. You will also always find a list on what you need for the coming week on the weeks page. Also we prepared some clips on the equipment we use and  how you can build some of it yourself if you don’t want to spend too much money on it. Visit the ‘your gym/ your equipment’ page


You are ready to start your training!  – get right into  the 6-week beginner– or the 6-weeks advanced program and just  follow the path that we laid out for you!