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The FST specific program for Ski & Snowboard

Are you ready to get EXPLOSIVELY FIT for winter?

Do you want to boost your ski & snowboard performance?
How about avoiding injury and building more strength?


If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then let us help you get in shape for your next snow trip.

With Functional Sports Training, you will ski longer and stronger!


Check out this video and get pumped!



With just two hours a week of Functional Sports Specific Training you can:

  • Boost your overall fitness and avoid common injuries
  • Perform better in leisure, in competition and in life!
  • Ski & Snowboard much longer and ride harder
  • Reduce your risk of injury and become stronger and more flexible
  • Get the absolute most out of your next snow trip!
  • And with all that extra confidence – have even more fun riding!

Functional Training has helped thousands of professional athletes achieve breakthrough performance all over the world. It can be applied to ANY sports and athletes train “smarter” for sport specific needs.

Functional Sports Training Builds Champions!

For example – the German soccer team just won the World Cup …

These highly paid athletes attributed much of their success to their stunning level of fitness – and you guessed it, the entire team focused on functional training! If this type of training can help international super star athletes achieve success, then it can help you too. Here’s another example …

5 years ago Bibi Toelderer-Pekarek (Physiotherapist & Professional Snowboarder) and Mitch Toelderer (Professional Snowboarder and MD) improved their workout routines through Functional Training.

As a result, Mitch finished 2nd on the Freeride World Tour just one season later, and became the Freeride World Tour Champion in 2011.




What do our clients say about FST for Snowboarding and Skiing?

Conny Bleicher


“For me the Functional Training is the perfect preparation to start confident and fit into the winter season. Bibi´s circle includes a good mixture of strength, balance and endurance exercises. Even though I´m doing a lot of sports in summer, at the functional training you can go to your limits and after the first sessions you can feel you get stronger with each time. I don´t wanna miss it anymore.”


Lisa Filzmoser


“The functional training is not only fun to do in the group, it makes my body feel really good. I love to do it as a preparation for the winter, so I am ready to ride my full potential on the snowboard.”


Dani Regensburger


“The training helped me to strengthen exactly those parts of my body which are really crucial for a good performance on skis. Though it’s not just a work out, it also challenges your coordinative and balance skills!”


The Scientific Approach to Better Performance

Research has shown that common strength training (using fixed training equipment) is simply NOT as effective as functional training.

In fact, functional users experienced a 58% greater increase in strength over the fixed-form group. Their improvements in balance were 196% higher over fixed and reported an overall decrease in joint pain by 30%  (Spennewyn 2009).

So how does Functional Sports Training improve your performance?

Functional Sports Training includes the creation or adaption of exercises that, as in real life or real sports, work multiple joints and emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in six degrees of freedom. As a result, this form of training can dramatically improve your performance both in real life and real sports situations!

Old School Training Vs. Functional Sports Training

Unfortunately, most fitness facilities offer a variety of weight training machines, which target and isolate specific muscles. The exercise movements possible with these training machines do not necessarily bear any relationship to the movements people make in their regular activities or sports.

In fact, the most common gain is simply weight gain through muscle building – but without any functional use in real life and real sports situations. For every “real” movement, different muscles HAVE TO work together.

Training that works in the real world …

For example if you perform a proper turn on your skis or snowboard, then ALL the muscles – from your ankles up to your core, and further all the way to your arms – have to work together to make that move possible.

Of course Functional Training also trains your muscles and makes them grow – but besides that, it also trains important coordinative skills and pillar strength that allows you to use your power!

Mitch doing telemark jumps with upper-body rotation

Training that provides real world results …

As soon as winter arrives, we eat, sleep & breath snow sports. We ride as much as possible, and as hard as we can. Our goal is to perform at our very best – whether we’re competing or climbing and riding spectacular lines for film projects.

As athletes that LOVE THE SNOW – we found Functional Sports Training offers the most appropriate training for us to prepare for the season, stay fit and prevent injuries.

A personal training approach that works …

The program we share here with you today is the result of a natural progression.

Years ago, we delved deeper into designing our own training program, then more and more friends started to join our training sessions. Today Bibi successfully runs training groups at her own rehab and training facility – Loft41 (www.loft41.com) in Innsbruck, Austria which also happens to be the home base of Functional-Sports-Training.

All of the exercises in this program are used and approved by members of several training groups – from amateur to pro level athletes. This training offers proven results.

Bibi in a training unit with Austrian Freeski Young Gun Raphael Webhofer


Online video training sessions for serious athletes

About this program:

This program is designed to serve as a quick and efficient functional sports training program to prepare for the snow season. The focus of this Functional-Sports-Training program for Snowboarding and Skiing is naturally on our main needs for riding:

  • ENDURANCE to ride with juice from top to bottom;
    FST training sessions are designed to improve your aerobic and anaerobic endurance so you can go harder – for longer.
  • STRENGTH to ride more powerful and stump airs;
    FST works with multiple joints, challenging whole muscle chains – just like in real sports and real life.
  • COORDINATIVE SKILLS and BALANCE to learn new movements easier and to react better in difficult situations like changing conditions;
    FST also focuses on coordinative skills and balance because muscle strength alone just doesn’t do it. Our bodies are dependent on intermuscular coordination, which means the ability of many different muscle groups to work simultaneously to move in the best possible ways to deal with the situation. For that they have to work together in the fastest most efficient, most coordinated way. Training our balance and coordination is not only to achieve our best performance but also – very important- reduce our risk of injury.
  • FOCUS to perform better and avoid mistakes that eventually could lead to crashes and even injuries;
    Every FST session has been designed to improve your focus. Time interval work/rest periods help you to stay focused when performing and also to relax and collect energy when resting! The exercises are challenging themselves, and by reducing resting times during the training sessions the training itself does not only get more efficient but you also train to stay focused when your body is already tired.

Who is this training program actually designed for?

FST for Snowboarding and Skiing is specifically designed for the needs of Snowboarders and Skiers. This training program is also suitable for every motivated skier and snowboarder who wans to prepare for the upcoming snow season or their upcoming snow trip!

(If you don’t have any experience with any kind of training and you are not into sports yet this is not the right program for you to start with and we recommend you to start with FST General-Beginners before moving on to this program).

What does FST for Snowboarding and Skiing consist of?

All FST programs are a based on a private membership system consisting of a manual, high definition training videos, and PDF downloads (printouts). All members get instant access to a fully outlined and very easy to use training program. You’re invited to participate, download worksheets, ask questions, post comments. To guarantee to get the most out of your training we will also answer any of your questions individually.

FST for Snowboarding and Skiing is designed to be a quick and efficient training consisting of a specific warm up program and 4 separate training sessions organized in a circuit mode. We recommend to start this training at least 4-6 weeks before the snow season or your snow trip starts and to do at least two sessions a week.


Some more opinions from our clients…

Klaus Zwirner


“As a mountainguide and  passionate Skier I found the FST Training sessions to be the perfect preparation for my snow season! I was doing the season preparation course for the last 2 years and wouldn’t want to miss out on it any more.”


Gerhard Bacher


“I’ve gained experience with FST the whole last winter. It was great for my physical performance  and also for my mind. It also helped me to gain stability in my ankels, knees, back and shoulders which is also important for me to avoid injuries when doing sports like snowboarding, surfing, soccer, biking, climbing… The gudeline works great for me and with all the variations in the trainings program it even makes fun…”


Jon Örarbäck


“As a former Professional skier that has gone through a few bigger injuries, I now find the functional fitness setups the most efficient way for me to get ready for the season and get back in shape again. The importance in my life at the moment is to be able to enjoy those powder days with my friends on the side of my job as Physiotherapist. Functional Sports Training guides me through the different steps in the build up period and makes my training to a nobrainer!!!! That is the way I like it ;-)”


Try one FST session for Snowboarding and Skiing for free!

Check out this free session and also download the pdf worksheet.


Winter is on its way ☺! It’s the perfect time to start your functional sports training course for skiing and snowboarding NOW to get ready for the best ski/snowboard season of your life

Have a great winter! Ride safe and see you inside the training!

If you have any questions prior to buying this program, please feel free to contact team@functional-sports-training.com for further assistance!



Your FST-Team

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