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DO ANYWHERE CIRCUIT: Cotopaxi, Ecuador

This time of the year is the best time if you want to ride some snow right on the equator!

While we were attempting to hike and ride some of Ecuadors pretty high volcanos for the Summits4Kids project we had to kill some time in between, fooling around by working out in thin air.

Hope you can implement some exercises to your Do-anywhere-circuit workout to stay fit while traveling. Will be more difficult to find a Lama as your extra décor.



Some impressions from our Cotopaxi expedition:



Crazy galcier to be aware of when hiking up during nighttime


Those high altitude turns take your breath



1 comment to “DO ANYWHERE CIRCUIT: Cotopaxi, Ecuador”

  • Werner, December 9, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    After using your programs and advices for some months now I really want to thank you for putting this site online! For me it was a great help to recover after an accident. For some time I was not able nor allowed to do other kinds of sports, but slowly I could start the training program offered here, at home, with no risks at all to get hurt again.
    So, by now I´m really happy to have found this training plan for myself, and will continue it of course.

    Further, it´s great to give advices in a way every body can use these methods every where, nearly no gear is needed, not much space, and, it´s fun and motivating to watch the videos again and again, “joining” there for daily practice.

    Thank you! Great fun and very well done!