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Functional Training for Snowboarding and Skiing: SESSION 3

Get ready for your snow season!


This is the last session of our snow training series  for this winter season to come. It’s an individual new functional circuit but you can also combine it with Session 1 or Session 2 for a more intense training unit.

If you want to get more into functional training you can check out our 6-weeks beginner and advanced program which focuses on your whole body and would be a great balance to your sport.


Session 3


Functional Training for Snowboarding and Skiing Session 3 from Functional Sports Training on Vimeo.


Free PDF download of  Session 3 with detailed exercise descriptions:

Right Click And “Save As” To Download The Session 3 PDF file

A time efficient training:

– Each of the 3 training sessions consists of 4 exercises

3 to 4 laps will take you about 30min including a ten minutes warm up.

Focus is on our main needs: legs, core and coordination.

Circuit mode:  The most efficient scheme for this workout is the traditional circuit mode. We use 60sec/20sec time intervals. Depending on your fitness level you can also modify the workout/rest ratio. Best is to use time interval music or Apps like Tabata Pro e.g. to know when to change to the next station.

Fitness Level: We tried to always add easier, harder and expert variations of the exercises to design it suitable for every “sporty” fitness level.

- Combine two sessions of our three session series to profit from an 8-exercise circuit, which will then take about 50 minutes.

Keep the order within a session because they are designed that muscles that just worked out can rest while performing the next exercise.

– Ideally you do 2 to 4 sessions a week and keep on going for 6 weeks, or better until Christmas!

– You can work out pretty much everywhere. Even in your living room – that’s what we are mostly doing. Invite some friends to join the circuit to boost your motivation!


This Training Program should help you to:

  • Improve your athletic level
  • Be ready to charge coming season
  • Prevent injuries and pain
  • Learn new movements easier through challenging your coordinative system
  • Get ripped, healthy and feel good


We hope you enjoyed our training series!

Have a great winter

Bibi and Mitch Tölderer


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