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GPFT’s Top 20 workout beats!

Music is one of the most important factors to me when it comes to get fired up during the workout session.

With the great help of our facebook friends we created this hit list because it’s always a mission to find new (or old?) motivating tunes for a change of sound waves.


From training myself and giving training classes I figured out:

  • Beat is important!
  • Sound volume is essential!
  • Almost every song which is good for dancing is good for training!

Taste in music is different but hopefully you can find one song or the other you like!







Have a good training!



P.S. We would really appreciate if you wanna share some of your sound secrets with us in the comment section below! Thank you!





1 comment to “GPFT’s Top 20 workout beats!”

  • Kuba, January 18, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Glitch mob – We can make the world << BEAST MODE ON !!