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Mobility warm-up for better performance

Warming up – give mobility to the 3 key joints!

Beside increasing your blood flow, your core and muscle temperature etc. one essential goal of warming up for a best possible performance is also to increase  the mobility of your joints.
Of course the focus on joints you are warming up depends on the specific sport or training you are planing to do but notice that there  are a few essential KEY JOINTS that need a certain mobility to let main parts of your stabilizing system do their work. A best functioning stabilizing system again is key to perform best in any sport and is also essential to avoid injuries.

Key functions:

- ankles should be flexible to allow your knees to be stable

- hips should be flexible to allow the lower back to be stable

- thoracic spine should be flexible to relieve neck’s and shoulders’ mobility


The importance of warming up your ankles, hips and thoracic spine to increase it’s mobility will not only allow you perform better and train more efficiently but also will help you to diminish the possibility of lower back and knee pain, as well as neck and shoulder problems.


Let me give you an example why this can help your performance: 

Mitch is not the most flexible guy out there ;-) When we went surfing lately in cold water he told me after the first session “I have real problems with my take-off wearing these booties because I somehow get stuck with them on my board”. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it must be the lack of mobility in his ankles and hips, which didn’t let him bring his legs easily under his core.

So before the next session Mitch was focusing on warming up his ankles and hips properly. And you know what? The problem was gone and he caught some good ones!


Take a towel or gymmat and join-in:




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Bibi and Mitch