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The benefits of warming up

Do you warm up?


 When I was younger I never ever used to warm up. To me warming up before sports was something boring I didn’t even feel the need for.

These days without warming up I feel stiff during my first turns when snowboarding or first paddle moves when surfing. Short example what that means: I get in the water straight away to surf  without any warm up. My whole system isn’t ready at all so I am too slow and catch the set wave on my head when paddling out. Several situations like that happened to me before…

Growing older my body started to realize that there are definitely some benefits to a proper warm up. Going through some minor and major injuries, and even just age itself made my body less flexible and smooth -…and I’m only 34…I even don’t wanna know how will I feel with 80?


That’s why I give you this tip:

Never forget to warm up before starting training or any sport you do!



Why should I warm up?

It’s important to prepare not only your joints and muscles in order to prevent injuries, but also to make your circulatory system ready for the physical load. Warming up can also improve the subsequent performance and brings you in the right mindset for sport action, training or competition.

The goal when warming up is to increase muscle temperature, core temperature, blood flow, and also to disrupt transient connective tissue bonds.

All this has a lot of positive impacts on your performance, her we picked out a few to give you an idea:

-       Faster muscle contraction and relaxation

-       Improvement in muscle strength and power

-       Improvement of force development and reaction time

-       Increased blood flow to active muscles

-       Enhanced metabolic reactions


How long should I warm up?

Your warm up should last for 5 (absolute minimum) to 15 minutes, depending on what you were doing before (sitting in the office the whole day or just back from a 20 min run… you get the idea!).


More to come

In one of the following post I will show you which joints to focus on when warming up, depending on your weak points. Stay tuned for that!


Surf warm-up video

We will be off to an exciting two weeks surf trip in a couple of days. I had another ACL surgery lately and it will be my first surf after that injury. This time it will be particularly important to warm up properly.

Mitch found that video that gives us an insight how Mick Fanning is warming up before competition. I will definitely give his warm up routine a shot.




Talk to you soon,