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The secret of the best training method for fat loss

I would say almost everybody who is training wants to lose fat or at least takes it as a very welcomed side effect. Me included!

Most people got limited time. Beside the job there are family commitments. Which is the best way to spend your precious time to lose some pounds? Do you think jogging is the best way to get a lean body if you got limited time to train? That’s what media was preaching for a long time but I tell you that this is NOT the truth according to studies.


What is the best training method for fat loss? Is there any? …Yes, there is!


Okay, let’s compare different training methods:

Which of these training methods are you using? Is it the right way to lose some extra fat?


1. Resistance training:

You are working out with weights or you are just using your own bodyweight according to the exercise.

The goal of the resistance training is to specifically work out your muscles in such intensity that your metabolism stays elevated even a few hours after your training. This can be defined as the base to lose your body fat.


2. Intensive anaerobic interval training:

You are doing very high intensity intervals, for example you are sprinting up a mountain as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds and sprint again for 20 seconds, and so on.

To be honest this is a very effective way to get rid of you fat, but the downside is that this method is a very user unfriendly way to do sports and I am pretty sure that 99,9% of hobby sportsman will give up that kind of training method after a couple of times. It is no fun at all!

Studies showed that even you burn less calories than when doing endurance training you lose a lot more fat in a way shorter period of time. (The assumption is that this has something to do with building up an oxygen deficit and an increased enzymatic activity.)


3. Intensive aerobic interval training:

You are training in intervals as above but not with such a high intensity.

For sure this one is not as effective as its anaerobic synonym but it still boosts the activity and quantity of your fat decomposition enzymes.


4. Intensive aerobic endurance training:

This is a simple hard endurance training, like running, biking etc. We burn calories but we don’t train hard enough to build up an oxygen deficit. We don’t lose as much fat as when doing intervals.


5. Light aerobic endurance training:

That includes activities like going for a walk, where you don’t burn many calories nor build up muscle. There is no scientific prove that you will lose your extra fat with that kind of training. Can be good for the mind though ;-).




What can we learn from this?


The usual recommendation for someone who wants to lose fat is to start with a moderate aerobe endurance training, then continue with an intense aerobe training and finally start with an interval training. Training with weights usually comes last.

Did anyone recommend this system to you already? Did you succeed? No?

If you have limited time to train I recommend doing it the other way round:

Start with weight and interval training! That will let you get rid of your fat faster. You can add the aerobic endurance training if you have some extra time.


The best way to combine resistance and interval training is doing circuit training:

Since you are moving between the different stations you don’t need to rest between sets. This keeps the overall intensity at a high level and saves time.

Functional circuit training is even better as you work out your whole body and not only isolated muscle groups. If you train your upper body, lower body and core together you will stimulate your metabolism better and burn more calories.


The GoProFitnessTrainig is a of functional circuit training program combining resistance training with intensive aerobic interval training. By mixing high intensity exercises with functional resistance exercises we even sometimes reach the level of an intensive anaerobic interval training (best for fat loss!) in a still tolerable way.

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